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Play It Again, Sam!

On October 20, 2015, Sharron Cosby wrote a guest blog for a fellow author's website.  Below is the intro to that, with a link to the full, original post.

Second chance_tomorrow imageA friend recently asked, “If you were granted a do-over with your children, what would you do differently?”

Happy Thanksgiving

Thank you, Lord, for our blessings.An apron-clad server escorted our family to a round, gray plastic table. The cold chair sent shivers through my pants legs when I sat down. White scalloped-edged paper placemats adorned the table. Cheap institutional silverware lay atop paper napkins like tin soldiers. A small silk flower arrangement completed the table decorations.

Trigger Happy!

Be careful with triggersWhat is a trigger?

The most notable one is the small mechanism on a firearm, when pulled, causes the gun to fire. It can also be an emotional firing—a “button pusher.” That small something that causes emotions to explode like a cannon.

Thoughts on Recovery

R is for RecoveryI hope you enjoyed the guest bloggers during National Recovery Month. Each story brought a different perspective to addiction and recovery. While the facts are similar, each person’s story is different. Each tale of recovery has a unique flavor.

Attention Junkie

We continue to honor those who have chosen recovery over addiction during September, National Recovery Month. Today’s blog is offered by KW who has over five years clean and sober. His initial reason for using drugs and alcohol was for attention and acceptance. We are grateful he shares his experience, strength and hope with us.

Lost and Found

Today’s blog is from a recovering addict with over two years clean time, LS. Hers is a story of 40 years of use and abuse, but today she walks in victory…one day at a time. Please welcome LS to the online recovery community.

Seven "Gets" for Family Members

R is for RecoveryAs the family member of an addict, we sometimes don’t understand what we’re dealing with. We just don’t “get it.” We repeatedly try to fit a round peg in a square hole and it never fits. Today’s blog is presented by Dan Cosby, a Certified Addiction Professional at the Christian Counseling Center in Brandon, FL.

A Father's Story

September is National Recovery Month. Over the next few weeks, some of my friends will share their recovery stories to encourage you on your journey.

First up is GS who shares from a parent’s perspective. He and his wife actively participate in Nar-Anon. Click on the link  http://naranonfl.org/wordpress/ for more information about the organization.

Please welcome GS to the online recovery community.