Although this page lists various topics that can be requested for presentations, Dan Cosby and/or Sharron Cosby can tailor a speech specifically to the audience who they will be in front of.  The two regularly speak to wide-ranging audiences in various venues and to gatherings big and small.  On certain occasions, their son Josh will attend to give his testimony about his battle with and recovery from addictions.

Carrollwood Kiwanis speechDAN COSBY
When Your Problems Follow You to Work – Employees coping with addiction issues at home often drag the problems to work. How does an employer handle the lack of productivity? This presentation provides practical tips to assist an employer facing employees with an addiction problem or a family member with one.

Medical Marijuana – Pros and Cons - Are there really medical benefits?  Do addiction rates rise in states that have legalized it?  Is marijuana a gateway drug? This presentation is an eye opener as Dan provides information relative to teens smoking marijuana, the differences in the marijuana cultivated today versus the sixties and seventies and medical benefits to smoking it. Participants will leave with science-based information on this current topic.

Dan welcomes the opportunity to customize a presentation for your group.

Live Out Loud eventSHARRON COSBY
Home Sweet Home – How is a paper towel tube turned into a marijuana pipe? Where did all the spoons go? Notice missing aerators on your sink faucets? This interactive presentation raises parents’ awareness on how kids use household items to take drugs.

Peace in the Pain – Sharron shares her experiences of living with an addict. She leads the group through scriptures that encourage and uplift in spite of facing difficult circumstances. Individuals will learn there can be peace while enduring pain of loss, illness or other life situations.

Rock in My Shoe – Have you ever had an object in your shoe and continued to walk despite the discomfort? Together we will explore why we limp along in pain and what we can do to remove the offending discomfort.

Hope Hooks – Where do you hang your hope when your world is crashing down upon you? Your spouse? Your job? Your chances of winning the lottery? Sharron provides a look at where we turn when troubles arise and encourages the group to hang their hope on the promises of God’s Word.

Sharron welcomes the opportunity to discuss your event and how she can tailor a message specifically for your group.

Understanding Addiction Workshop – This full-day workshop focuses on prevention and can be used as a ministry outreach for churches to educate, inform and encourage local church families about addiction. Understanding what addiction is, and isn’t, empowers parents and community leaders to confront the problem head-on with confidence.

What Is Your Addiction IQ? – This presentation provides solid scientific information about the root causes of addiction, what behaviors to look for, and what to do if problems arise. Drawing from their personal experiences, Dan and Sharron empower the group to be proactive in their approach to addiction and provide available resources.

Addictive Behaviors in Your Home - Through this presentation, attendees learn how to avoid or address addiction in their own family and then encourage community leaders to confront the issues.  The presentation focuses on being proactive and looking for signs of potential problems.  One doesn't have to be addicted or have an addicted loved one for this presentation to be meaningful.  An informed group will be empowered to reach out and influence families and the local community.

Dan and Sharron welcome the opportunity to discuss specific topics and will develop a workshop around your specific needs. Contact them to discuss your event plans.