Dan Cosby Agrees with Marijuana Report

A story entitled, “Science Seeks to Unlock Marijuana’s Secrets” in the June 2015 issue of National Geographic is, “excellent” and “very accurate,” according to Mission Recovery’s Dan Cosby.

After having read the article in its entirety, Mr. Cosby said it was “a good summation of what’s happening with marijuana research today.”  He said, “I agree with this take on marijuana research.”

A Certified Addictions Professional, Mr. Cosby’s opinion is based in part on his years of experience with individuals he sees in his office and having started with his own son, who endured an 18-year addiction involving alcohol and various substances that included marijuana.

Last year Mr. Cosby was active in the greater Tampa Bay community with speaking engagements aimed at educating audiences on the proposed legislation in Florida regarding legalization of marijuana, plus this topic of marijuana itself, as detailed in the National Geographic story.

Click here to read the full article that Mr. Cosby refers to above.